Brief introduction of jute bag knowledge


Jute, a green and environmentally friendly plant fiber. Its fibers and products have strong moisture absorption and release properties. And with its easy-to-decompose and high-strength characteristics, it has long been the leader in the field of packaging materials. In recent years, with the improvement of human environmental protection awareness, jute fiber and its products have gradually been used in the fields of decoration, craftsmanship, and composite materials.

Jute products are widely used in the production of environmentally friendly shopping bags, luggage cloth, packaging cloth, shoe material fabrics, decorative fabrics and other handicrafts. Its advantages are extremely high strength, moisture absorption, heat conduction, and good air permeability. Its disadvantage is that it is not very comfortable to wear, and its appearance is rough and stiff. Ningbo Show-Well Factory specializes in the production of Jute Soap Saver Bag. Welcome to our factory to buy Jute Soap Saver Bag.

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